Make Your Yard Beautiful This Summer

The best time to do yard work is when it’s warm outside and the planting season is in full swing. During the spring and summer, you can pull up your sleeves, rent equipment from establishments like Boyden & Perron Inc., and get your yard looking like the beautiful environment it can become. Everyone has problem areas of their yard they spend months wishing they could change. Let this year be the one that you use to make your property shine by fixing these common landscaping issues.

Remove Any Stumps and Stray Branches

If you’ve had trees or bushes die on your property, you know that pulling up stumps, hauling branches to the dump, and chopping excess wood into size to be firewood are all big productions. This can make your yard look much tidier and will make your property safer. Dead wood attracts insects, which can take up residence and then start infecting other parts of your home and garden. Squaring away dead wood as soon as possible will lessen the possibility of this problem.

Cutting wood into manageable pieces for firewood or transportation is much easier with the right tools. You can rent chainsaws or other handheld cutting devices depending on the scale of the dead wood you’re dealing with. If you want the exercise, you can always opt for a hand saw or ax, but many people don’t want the blisters and soreness that accompany this ambition!

Get Rid of Long Grass

Keeping your grass cut down will make your whole yard look tidier. If you have a big expanse of lawn or a field on your property, you can rent an industrial-size mower a couple times over the summer. If you don’t want to invest in a machine of this caliber, renting will be your best option. Edgers will keep your lawn from growing onto your pavement and flower beds. Most people keep these on-hand to use several times a month.

Till Your Flower Beds or Garden

This summer, think about starting some new flower beds or a garden. Growing your own food can be an exciting experience for the whole family. There’s nothing like a home-grown tomato or ear of corn. You can find many guidelines on the Internet, as well as resources like electric tillers at Boyden & Perron Inc. and other businesses that rent and sell machinery. With the right tools, your property can grow and become a great place to spend time